Our Story

Project Solutions is a company that initially started out as a consultancy company in May of 2015. Because the venture was formed by an experienced team, the focus was on building a reputation for commitment to cause, integrity and trust. This was with the foresight that however long it took to build such a reputation, this is what will eventually win over the stakeholders.

In the few years that have passed since its inception, the company has successfully completed several projects and continues to grow. While much has changed within and outside of the organization, the company continues to operate under the same credo – of building trust.

Over the past few years Project Solutions has gained a solid reputation among key stakeholders which include a growing client base, banks, suppliers, civil consultants and last but not least, the staff of the company – a feat that was achieved by paying attention to what really mattered to stakeholders.

Our Values


We do what we say


We harness the power of thinking beyond the obvious


The best proof of mastery is delivering excellence


Together, we conquer our limits.


Zero accident is our unwavering goal as people?s lives depend on it

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most sought after construction company in the country owing to a solid reputation of ethical practice and empathy towards clients and staff.

Our Commitment

We aim to offer a sense of security to our clients. A construction project is by no means a small task. This holds true for both the owner and contractor. Most often, for the parties involved there aren’t many mistakes that a project can survive. Sometimes only one mistake could mean the difference between success and irrecoverable disaster. Thus we aim to keep clients well informed with regards to the status of the project along with the associated finances. We render flexibility to clients especially in matters of finances to ensure the continuity of projects.

About The Founder

Hussain Aswan is a serial entrepreneur that has a successful track record in a wide range of industries. Aged just 18, he founded Limopalm, a web and graphic design company that went on to become a market leader in the industry. He then ventured in to the hospitality industry by opening a series of gorgeous boutique hotels that earned the acclaim of travel writers and critics globally. His lifelong passion for engineering, construction and the built environment finally led him to venture into the construction sector. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, he describes the process of building high quality and beautiful buildings as his true calling